We take from Nature only what we can return...

The natural characteristics of our products.

AnticoMestiere product lines have always been made with respect for the environment. Our goal is to give back to Nature all that she gives us, day after day.

AnticoMestiere product lines have always been made with respect for the environment. Our goal is to give back to Nature all that she gives us, day after day.

Production of pots with low environmental impact.

We work over 100 quintals of clay every day respecting the environment and the territory. Earth, water, air and fire are the four natural elements that we live every day. Support them, respect them and benefit from their energy has always been our goal.

-95% emission of Volatile Organic Compounds. (VOCS)

In our products that are not made from terracotta, or in our brand- new colored terracotta, we use only water-based paints, which allow us to reduce by 95% the emission into the environment of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), powders that are sometimes the main cause of allergies and skin irritations.

The power of the Sun.

For 3 years we have equipped our structure with photovoltaic panels, managing to reduce the use of electricity by replacing it with a renewable energy source.

A low environmental impact market.

Making eco-friendly products ensures that we can be appreciated by markets that adopt green philosophies.

Living Greener. Myth or reality?

We are riding the years in which living greener is possible and necessary starting with the choices we make every day in our homes. We do not need to overturn our behaviour but only need to use a few good habits, such as surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects that are also environmentally friendly.

Plants are the environment's best friend: a greener home is also a healthier home capable of transmitting well-being to those who live in it. Green areas inside homes become true islands of relaxation, serenity and regeneration to relieve increasingly stressful lifestyles.

The function of greenery, therefore, is not purely aesthetic. In domestic environments we often breathe air that is more harmful than that which is breathed in open spaces. In this sense, plants play a fundamental role and perform their natural process of photosynthesis. They purify the air by absorbing harmful substances and releasing oxygen. If we take in more oxygen, our performance physical performance, including mental faculties, will thank us.

Concentration will also have its benefits, which is why green is also strongly recommended in offices and workplaces. also recommended in offices and workplaces.

Eco Wood

Plants make excellent sustainable furniture but it is very important to know how to choose the right pot right pot. In this sense, the new Eco Wood collection encompasses all the best there is. The production of plastic-based, completely recycled and recyclable, is combined with natural wood waste, obtained from following its processing. Our proposal incorporates new shapes and colours and contains up to 33% of natural wood, facilitating its biodegradability.

The advanced technology of recycling natural waste from wood processing allows them to be used as a unique and original component for the production of the Eco Wood collection. On the basis of raw materials obtained from recycling, products are created that are characterised by high resistance and durability for the benefit of consumers.

Smooth or striped, round or square, high or low. The contemporary, minimalist design combines style, practicality and functionality.

Thanks to the use of natural wood in production, the vases combine natural beauty and timeless elegance. A refined and designer range.

Eco Wood contains up to 33 per cent natural wood, facilitating biodegradability

There is no doubt about it: a plant, placed in a special pot, can really make even a not particularly original living room elegant and harmonious, and in the same way can make any kind of space cosy. and harmonious even a not particularly original living room, and in the same way it can make any kind of space cosy.

Green gives identity and style so much so that in recent years, it has overturned the way we think about it in the home. Just mention the Urban Jungle style, the green trend of the moment that teaches us not to plants in the home, even if you live in a small flat or a city studio. or in a city studio apartment. With the indoor urban garden, you can turn any living space into a real tropical corner. living space a real tropical corner. Are you ready to create your own?