I nostri marchi

Ancient craft brings together a range of terracotta vases, finished by hand and industrial, made in Italy or the EU.

The brand that has always recognised ABSOLUTE QUALITY in the field of terracotta production..

For centuries in homes all over the world, these clays have been used for fine floor and interior finishes.

The vase acquires an absolute value over time, so much so that we consider it for life.

Every article bearing the AnticoMestiere Impruneta mark is made from the fine Impruneta clay from the Florentine territory.

Impruneta terracotta differs from other types of terracotta due to the chemical composition of the clay. The marl makes the product highly resistant to frost and all other weather conditions.

These qualities make Impruneta terracotta a product of the highest quality.

Drawing on the skill and experience of master potters who have been working in the field for centuries, Terrecotte di Trequanda has been producing traditional Tuscan vases since 1989.

Each article has its own story, the details are different, as are the defects that characterise the product, making it UNIQUE.

Production by our company in Romania. The clays are of good quality and give the product a guarantee of ANTI-FREEZE.

The technology used makes the LINEA TERRARTE a product that, thanks to its quality/price ratio, stands out in the high- volume market, while maintaining high quality.