Benefits for our customers

In that "Tuscany way of life", which has been the engine of Anticomstiere since its inception, yes hides all the essence of the brand that carries a long Tuscan tradition and all of it on its shoulders its craftsmanship.

At your side for over 30 years

In these years of activity, we have been able to spread the quality of the Anticomestiere brand and the efficiency of our shipping services in Italy and around the world. Thanks to its own logistics network and collaboration with specialized and reliable transport companies, the goods travel in a safe and tracked manner.

Arrangement of spaces

Our work does not end with the supply of goods, we want to do something more. We take care of the space that each customer intends to reserve for Anticomestiere products in their store. A specialized team will be able to set up and present the products in the best possible way to always have the Garden full of items. Your trust is our advantage.

Welcome to your home

For a few years, "Welcome to your home" has been a phrase that we have used a lot when we welcome our customers who intend to visit us. The showroom is open from Monday to Friday for not only a commercial but also a gastronomic and traveling experience in our beautiful Tuscany, a stone's throw from the Crete Senesi.

Events with the Master Potter

In agreement with the host Punto Garden we organize events to promote and have fun with terracotta. Follow us on our social pages to stay updated on upcoming events. You yourself will have the opportunity to create your own vase.

More and more connected

With advancing technology, our way of working and approaching the outside world is also changing. Digital experiences, timely communications, consultation of online and paper catalogues, promote both our growth and that of the customer by dedicating time and attention. Thanks to the B2B interface it is possible to order products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with just a few clicks. Our sales network of agents and our internal staff are available to respond to any type of information and request.